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Through the comfort of your home, get to know the fun world of STEM, Career, Arts education through LiveOnline courses taught by trained teachers!

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Over 450 Children and Parents have taken the many courses we have to offer. Do the same for your child!

Our Mission

We will educate students in all fields (including Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, World Language & Career education) so your child could find a passion, whilst getting a well-rounded education from an organization you can trust.

What we Offer.

  • 4-7 week long courses including Math, Science, Computer Science, and Career Education

    • Interactive online lessons with passionate High School Students!

    • Easy-to-understand curriculum for young students!

CW Academy Bellevue provides high quality, free fully online learning on STEM, Career, Arts, Coding, Math, and Dance.

What students say about CW.

"Everything was great! I am really starting to love coding!" - Jack Jacobs

"I LOVE Python! Thank you to my teacher for making Class fun & Exciting!" - Praneeth Pendeyala

"Learning something new every week from Biology class!" - Ameya Mullapudi

"Awesome Teaching! All explanations were great!" - Shekher Methuku

"I now know how to get the volume of cylinders and the area of trapezoids and circles! CW makes math fun!" - Daniel Soria

"Teachers are great and very patient" - Dhanalakshmi Gangula

Why Choose CW Academy?

  1. Experienced. Talented. Hardworking. All our teachers are trained well, and simplify each high-level subjects into a simple course for children to understand.

  2. Expose your child to the best of LiveOnline education, from curricula to ease of use, CW has it all. Paired with young teachers, small class sizes, your child will receive the best education possible with CW Academy. Trust us with your time, Learn something great.

Some of Our Most Popular Courses


Learn one of the most popular and widely used Computer Science Languages.

Python 1

A wonderful introduction to the world of computer science, taught by expert coders.


Biology is the study of living organisms and their ecosystems, join in and learn how our bodies work, and how the world around us affects our body.

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Join the Team

High School and College Students who are passionate advocates for accessible learning are what allows us to provide STEM & Career education for young students.

For Teachers, any current High School or College Student who has experience in a particular field and loves teaching and interacting with children can sign up to become a teacher at CW Academy.

For Marketing/Outreach positions, we are looking for passionate individuals who have experience in marketing.

*Community service hours will be provided*

We are always recruiting, check out the available positions!

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