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Introduction to Geometry

Study all the shapes and sizes that make up this world. Learn skills that you'll use throughout your life.

Microsoft Office 365

Want to learn more about Microsoft Office software like Word and Powerpoint? Take this course to become skilled at navigating office products.

Business & Economics

Take a dip into the world of business economics, finance and management.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Learn the most widely used language in the world from an expert.


Begin your fun exploration in the topic of Chemistry! Learn about the basis of what makes our world!

English Language Learners (ELL)

Build your English skills with this beginner-friendly ELL course!


Learn the most popular computer language, HTML. Through this course, you will be able to learn how to build webpages!

Python 1

A wonderful introduction to the world of computer science, taught by expert coders.

Python 2

Build upon your knowledge from Python 1, dig deeper, and learn advanced concepts.


Learn one of the most popular and widely used Computer Science Languages.

Introduction to Algebra

Study the most unifying thread of Mathematics, learn techniques and skills that you will use in every aspect of math and career.


Biology is the study of living organisms and their ecosystems, join in and learn how our bodies work, and how the world around us affects our body.

Dance: Ballet

A well-developed introduction to the discipline of ballet.

Art: Drawing & Painting

Learn artistic techniques and add your own creative spark to it, with this assistance of expert Artists.

Introduction to French

Learn one of the most widely-spoken language in the world, whilst learning about French culture and customs.

Creative Writing

Writing, the most pure way to express ideas & feelings, learn how to channel your emotions and ideas into stories with this course.

World of Medicine

Take a sneak-peek into careers and life in the field of Medicine.

World of Engineering

Ever thought what you could do as an engineer? Wonder what it's like to be an engineer? Find out through this course whilst having TONS of fun.